Writing as Exploration: Embrace the Mystery of Creativity

I have never started a poem yet whose end I knew. Writing a poem is discovering.

Robert Frost

Frost beautifully expresses the creative process, that writing is a journey of continual discovery, both for you and for your reader.

Approach your writing sessions with a curious mind.

Take a moment and enter a state of deep emotional and intellectual calm.

In this state, you’ll write better words and more of them.

In this state you’ll be willing to explore new ideas, take emotional and intellectual risks. You’ll be willing to embrace all of the unknown possibilities ahead of you.

Embrace the joy of this moment, right before you begin, so you can enjoy this specific section of your writing journey. Share on X

Embrace your personal creative process. Give yourself the gift of willingness to discover the road as you go.

Write courageously, even when you don’t have a clear destination in mind.

Trust yourself.

Trust your talent.

Above all, trust your willingness and determination to discover every twist and turn of your journey down Publication Highway.

Who knows? 

When you joyously explore tangents or unexpected directions, they just might lead you to the one massive insight you need so you can impact your reader the way you know you were born for.

True fulfillment comes when you know, deep in your heart, that your words changed the life of another human being.

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