Harness the Magic of Making Others Feel Important

Imagine everyone you meet is wearing a sign that says, Make me Feel Important. -John Israel

Imagine everyone you meet is wearing a sign that says, “Make me Feel Important.”

-John Israel

How do you make yourself feel important?

Is it by tearing others down so you look better – if only in your own eyes?

Or do you encourage and build others up so they feel important and valued?

Hopefully, you take the latter road because when you encourage another person and you give them the tools they need to improve their life, your importance and value increases exponentially in their eyes.

This is the path to success in writing and in every other area of your life.

Encourage others so they know they have value.

Make them feel important.

Be a valuable resource to others and they will reward you time and time again. Share on X

And by giving value and importance to others, you will receive the gifts of gratitude, value and importance in measures far greater than you can imagine.

It may not happen immediately. It may take years.

Gary Vaynerchuk spent over two years creating and delivering content – written and video – to serve others before his diligence and persistence paid off.

Today he’s extremely successful, so it’s easy to forget he started with nothing.

Write your book. Publish your book. Be of service to others.

And always remember to say thank you because gratitude is one of the easiest gifts to give.

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