Dream Journals: Capturing the Wisdom of Your Nighttime Adventures

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.

Marsha Norman

Dreams offer insight into your deepest thoughts, feelings, fears and hopes for your future. They’re also a source of understanding.

Dreams never last long once you wake up, so keep a notebook and pen beside your bed so you can capture the details while they’re still fresh.

Wait until your morning coffee and they’re lost for eternity.

Watch for recurring themes, symbols and emotions in your dreams over time because they reveal what your subconscious mind is most concerned about.

Whatever the dream, spend a little time to reflect on how its elements relate to your life, your current circumstances, or your work in progress. What lessons can you learn from the garbled message your subconscious is trying to communicate to you?

Dreams can be a fantastic source of inspiration, too.

When you wake up from a particularly interesting or compelling dream, use it as your starting point to explore a new story idea or perspective in your writing. Share on X

Perhaps an idea will sneak out of your subconscious that is the key to unlocking your creativity so you can more deeply resonate with your readers.

Through your dreams, you can explore the subterranean depths of your mind where all your secret desires are kept.

The deeper the exploration, the more authentic your words become. The more authentic your words, the deeper your connection with your reader.

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