Dare to Stand Out: Find Fulfillment on the Extra Mile

Go the Extra Mile. It's Never Crowded. -Anonymous

Go the Extra Mile. It’s Never Crowded.


Going the extra mile means doing one more thing today than you’re comfortable with. 

It means persevering even when you think you have nothing left to give.

You have more to give.

You always have more to give.

But the thought of quitting is so seductive and the lie “I’ve done enough” is the rationalization that prevents us from being truly successful.

Going the extra mile means challenging your perceived limits daily to see if they’re real.

They’re not.

Challenge the mental image of what you’re capable of, because that notion is holding you back. It’s stifling you because you are capable of SO MUCH MORE than you think you are today.

Going the extra mile means stepping out of your comfort zone and doing the uncomfortable thing.

When you set goals for your day, your week or your life, make sure they’re well outside of your comfort zone. This will force to you learn new skills, challenge your beliefs and allow you to become who you are truly meant to be.

This is where all true fulfilment lives.

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