Beyond the Ask: The Art of Being Prepared for Success

Ask for What You Want and Be Prepared to Get It -Maya Angelou

Ask for What You Want and Be Prepared to Get It

-Maya Angelou

Asking for what we want is hard enough but being prepared to get what we want can be even harder.

It requires we do the internal work of becoming the person for whom what we want is normal, natural and expected.

Studies on lottery winners show most are bankrupt within 5 years, proving Maya Angelou’s point.

We must be prepared mentally, emotionally and spiritually to receive what we claim we want.

I love helping authors design their personal Roadmap for Success because the personal transformations required to write and publish a book are built in to the process.

When designing your personal roadmap, you must uncover your deepest motivations, understand deeply who you plan to serve with your book and how your life will change as a result of that service.

The process helps you become the person who is prepared to achieve success, where success defined as a published non-fiction book.

If we don’t make this critical internal shift in mindset and thinking, we may achieve our dream, but we won’t be able to hang on to it. And that’s a completely avoidable tragedy.

Do the internal work. Your future self will thank you.

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