Become a Better Writer Without Writing a Word

Want to become a better writer without writing a word? Joing my Read-A-Book-Each-Week Challenge!

We can always do better – in every area of our life.

Whether we do better depends upon our willingness to face our shortcomings and learn how we can think better about those situations so that we can do better next time. 

The most successful individuals in any field are those who, through courage, commitment and dedication, do the hard work required to become a better human being tomorrow than they are today.

And when we know how to be a better person – and use that knowledge to become a better person – the doors of possibility will fly open.

We won’t need to kick them open any longer.

They will miraculously swing open on their own because we’ve done that challenging internal work required to be the very best version of ourselves that we can, today.

Yes, we will do better tomorrow.  That’s for tomorrow.

For today, grab one of the books written by the masters of the personal development and self-improvement space and schedule a plan to ensure you read it from cover to cover, this week.

Next week, do it again with a different book.

At the end of the year, you know what the best and brightest of humanity teaches on this subject.

You simply cannot take in all that awesomeness without it affecting you and transforming you.

As Ray Bradbury said in his challenge to write 52 bad stories in a row…

“It can’t be done.”

If this sounds like an exciting challenge and one you want to experience with a small small community of individuals committed to daily self-improvement, please download the Reading List PDF and, if you like, join me for a weekly zoom session on Saturday afternoons to discuss the book we read this week and prepare for the book we’ll read next week.

You can also find the updated reading list in the blog category “Read a Book a Week“.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!