Attitude is Everything: Shaping Your Life’s Path with Positivity

Your attitude toward life determines life’s attitude toward you.

John C. Maxwell

Emotionally, how do you approach your day?

Are you excited for the day ahead? Or do you drag your butt out of bed, wishing the world would just go away?

My wife wakes up happy, cheerful and ready to embrace her day. Every day.

I am NOT a morning person, but my wife models an important lesson for us all.

My attitude sets the emotional tone for my day.

When I decide I will be positive and powerful, my day is filled with happy, productive experiences.

When I don’t make that decision, my day can go off the rails in a heartbeat.

My thoughts control my emotions and my emotions control my life.

Today, I choose to wake up happy, powerful and motivated so I can take the next leap forward in the story that is my life.

I choose to create a positive mindset today. The alternative is to allow my brain and my body to decide for me, which never works out well.

Take this approach to your writing session today.

Decide you will be insanely productive.

Decide you will write double your daily word count in the same amount of time.

Decide you will enjoy the writing process today.

Then approach your keyboard, your pen and paper or your microphone with joy in your heart and a smile on your face.

Today is a good day!

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