Slaughter Writer’s Block Forever with my Free Writing Timer

I do not believe in “writer’s block”.  I firmly believe, however, in “Writer’s Procrastination”.  It’s an affliction I suffer from each and every day.  It’s a plague to my productivity, as I am sure it is to yours.

One of the tools in my arsenal to combat this procrastination is my Writing Timer.  It’s a simple program (Windows only) that allows me to set a time period where I will do nothing but write.  Of course, I wrote the utility as part of my own procrastination from writing.  Ironic, right?

The concept is simple.  Open the timer.  Set it for 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or even 60 minutes, click Start and begin writing.

The key to its simplicity is this: it doesn’t matter what you write. You can write anything, so long as you write until the timer expires.

If you’re an outliner, like me, then this tool will boost your productivity overnight.

Whenever you are doing everything else, anything else except writing, just admit your defeat at the hands of “Writer’s Procrastination” and start the timer.

Then write.

You can download my free writing timer in a zip file from this link: Christopher’s Free Writing Timer.

PS. If you find this timer is useful you can buy me a coffee if you’re feeling grateful. The link is also on the help menu of the timer.  🙂


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