Enter My Digital Art Showcase… if you dare

I can’t draw to save my life. Seriously, hold a gun to my head and order me to draw something and I’ll wait patiently for your bullet to enter my brain.

Like any writer, my imagination is amazing.  Also like many writers, I simply lack the artistic talent to bring that imagination to life.

Then I discovered Poser.  It changed everything.  Despite my complete lack of drawing ability, I could still create amazing digital art.

My artwork covers a wide range of genres. I’m a huge horror fan, so when my psychotic Muse comes calling and brings an insane clown along to inspire me… well, as you can see from the image above, things get a little out of hand.

I create artwork showing everything from vampires doing what vampires do best, to images reflecting an interesting sentiment, to commentary on current political and news events… if it sparks my imagination I will create artwork to reflect that inspired imagination.

Enter if you dare… Some of the images may disturb you.  Some may inspire you.  Some may leave you shaking your head in wonder at the deranged artistic mind that came up with it.

You’ll run screaming from the room if you have any sense. Or perhaps you’ll brave the gallery if you’re feeling lucky.

The choice is yours.  Enter at your own risk!